It will always be a very great idea for you to enjoy the show of the Wayang kulit bali Indonesia when you are spending your spare time in Bali Island. This traditional Balinese shadow play will definitely give you the different entertainment that you cannot find anywhere else. There will be the epic stories and the gamelan music that can definitely attract your attention and blow your mind from the start to the end.

Then, there are actually so various kinds of the Wayang kulit bali Indonesiathat you can watch during your vacation. Some of them are:

  • Wayang Kulit Lemah (Lemah Puppet)

Wayang Kulit Lemahis actually a kind of Balinese puppet that will be shown to many people in the afternoon. This particular puppet show can be done in a very simple way as it does not need lighting and screen called kelir. All the puppeteer needs arethe banana tree and the white thread or tukelan can the place where the puppeteer embeds the puppets firmly during the show. Furthermore, this puppet show will usually require some people only, which are only 3 to 7 people. However, this puppet can be defined and one of the most sacred puppets in Bali. So, it is no wonder if it will be played is the spiritual events quite often.

  • Wayang Kulit Purwa (Purwa Puppet)

Moreover, there is also the Wayang Kulit Purwa that you better watch when you are in Bali. This specific puppet will be played in many momentous spiritual events which can be like the Yadnya ceremony. In this ceremony, the Hindu people will make this puppet show become the part of the oblation that they do, so that it can represent their sacrifice to God. Then, hopefully, they can really apply the faith for real in order to have joy for their life. Aside of that, the Wayang Purwa can also be the sign that art and religion can unite and make each other more perfect. In the end, you will find that the combination of both of these things can really beautify the life of the Balinese people wonderfully.

  • Wayang Kulit Calon Arang (Calon Arang Puppet)

Wayang Kulit Calon Arang, which is also known well as the Wayang Leyak, is one of the most sacred puppets in Bali. It is because these puppets will show you the magical and mystical things based on the story of Calon Arang (one of the legendary stories in Bali). The characteristic of this puppet show is it requires about 12 members (1 puppeteer, 2 puppeteer’s assistants, and 9 traditional music instrumentalists) to do the performance well.

In conclusion, those are some of the numerous Wayang kulit bali Indonesiathat are so recommended for you to watch. All of them will definitely make you able to find out the fabulous Balinese culture in the better way. So, you can have the chance to explore the other beautiful side of Bali Island when you are having fun vacation there.


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