Out of the numerous weddings that wedding planners plan, a majority of them are absolutely flawless. Here, only the technical details of the proposed event are considered when the statement is made. Almost everything goes off as per the plan without a hitch. Planners ensure that everyone stick to their schedule. The brides, bridesmaids, grooms the best men, family and guests rave after the wedding is performed successfully.

But sometimes things happen that are genuinely bizarre. Things that couldn’t be predicted nor could be stopped once they started going on. Wedding-planning staff still try to think out of the box for these unprecedented events in a calm, professional way.  To avoid such events from happening and make this day memorable, there are a few things that you need to know.

The most important thing that a bride must be aware of when planning her wedding(YES her wedding, the only job groom has to do is to take the vows right and be present in an amazing attire ref. FRIENDS), do not take all the responsibility on your head, divide it among your bridesmaid or better hire a professional wedding planner. Always keep a note that disasters can happen even if you take utmost precautions, don’t lose heart and handle these problems with humor and don’t let it have any negative impact on the wedding.

Animals are very unpredictable.

Lovebirds, Ring Bear(ref. HIMYM), your pets they all are unfortunately included. There are many instances when there is a disaster in the wedding because of them. They have a brain of their own and sometimes they are unable to cope and work in sync with yours causing simple problems because of their pooping all running after a guest or other animals, which can turn your day into a disaster.

Forgotten Wedding Rings

It is very common in weddings sometimes couples just use their friend’s ring or wedding planners give their rings for the ceremony. Most of the time no one is aware of the difference and a massive disaster is avoided. Lost of rings that were packed in luggage is also a primary reason for such event.

Destination Wedding

They have their own issues, power failure or strong winds. An intrusion by an uninvited visitor but if your wedding is handled by a professional they take each and everything into account and plan the event in such a way that these developments can be handled smoothly.

Surprise Soloists

There are cases when your long lost relative gets drunk and starts to sing or misbehave in the wedding. Ordinary, it leads to a disaster but with professional help you can make it a happy memory. As, they are timely controlled, and the planners make it look like it was all planned.

Wedding day emergency kit

  • It includes some very fundamental and everyday use stuff; that are very crucial to avoid any kind of mishappening on your special day.
  • Sewing kit, needle. Thread and a pair of scissors(avoid dress related mishappening)
  • Double sided tape and safety pin (to keep your dress from falling)
  • Makeup kit(not for your pretty face but to remove strains of your dress, yes some beauty products are useful in that case as well)
  • Instant stain remover( to avoid any stain on your dress)
  • band aid (new shoes can hurt or scratch your ankle).

There are a lot of things that are essential to make your special day, special but with your dream venue and choice of food being the primary, some small details need to be taken care of as well to avoid any disaster from happening and for that you don’t need to over exert yourself with pressure just do the basics right and things automatically fall into its places.

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