Cycling holidays are increasingly popular in certain parts of the world, especially the UK and Europe during the summertime. If you’re planning a holiday in the near future, not only will you find yourself spoiled for choice with regard to suitable destinations, but you’ll also find there are many things that you will need to purchase, pack, plan and prepare!

Great Destinations for Cycling Holidays

There are many superb destinations for cycling enthusiasts to tour through in Europe and the UK, here are some of the most popular:

  • Northern England – In the summer, the north of England is a beautiful part of the UK to cycle through. The roads are good, the scenery superb and accommodation options profuse!
  • Spain – Everywhere in Spain is a top destination for cycling, though bear in mind that some regions, like the Pyrenees, are mountainous and can be quite tough on the legs!
  • France – Another superb European destination for cycling enthusiasts with its great roads, cycling culture, gastronomic treats and so much more!

And they’re just three of many, as many cyclists tour through Kent and the southern counties, Italy, which is a very popular destination, along with Germany and Croatia, to list just a few.

Preparing for the Trip – Buying the Right Clothing

Where essential clothing is concerned there are three items you need to focus on – cycling shoes, shorts and jerseys, with both women’s and mens cycling jerseys available in a wide range of styles, designs and colours. However, it’s never as simple as ordering online, or even trying an item on in a shop, as you need to have a good idea of the factors to focus on when buying these essential items of cycling apparel.

Shoes are the easiest to buy as you simply need to make sure that they’re the right size and they’re comfortable, however, there’s a little more involved when buying cycling shorts and cycling jerseys.

You will need at least several pairs of cycling shorts, so make sure they fit snugly, though not too snugly, have shock-absorbing features and provide protection from chafing. Some of the other factors to focus on include:

  • Quality elastics to ensure that they’re kept in place
  • Ample stretch to ensure comfort when cycling
  • Quality materials that will absorb sweat

You will also need several cycling jerseys, so take your time as there are more factors to consider here than there are when buying cycling shorts. The most important factors to consider include:

  • Short sleeves or long? Choose the right sleeve length for the cycling conditions
  • The material used. Light and heavy fabrics are available for different conditions
  • Ample pockets. There should be at least three pockets on the rear of the jersey
  • Suitable zipper. Does the zipper have a plastic pouch to prevent neck chafing?

Those are several of the many factors that you will need to focus on when choosing a new cycling jersey for your cycling holiday.

In conclusion, when preparing for an exciting cycling holiday, you need to pack, plan and prepare properly by taking into account your destination, which means purchasing the right shoes, shorts and jersey.


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