With the passage of time, fashion has evolved a lot. Some of the fashion trends are seen to be repeating every few decades, however some are not. Jewelry has always been an important part of fashion, and just like every other thing associated with fashion, jewelry designs have also evolved. Not only that, the type of jewelry used and preferred in every era tells us many things about the people who lived then and their beliefs.

Different cultures had their personal ideas about what was and what was not beautiful jewelry. Some cultures preferred gold jewelry whereas some liked silver and some appreciated jewelries studded with precious gems and pearls.

Ancient Jewelry

Creating jewelry has always involved both imagination and personal preference. Besides, what was the actual use of the item also inspired its design. For instance, jewelry items like brooches and belts had their practical use and this fact inspired its design a lot. Well, of course, a wearer’s reputation also played a vital role in jewelry designing.


Early Celtic jewelry was large rings. There were worn like necklace and named Torc. It is observed that Celts used to wear this torcs while going to battle. Since they wore no other armor they considered torc as a good luck charm.

In medieval times, broaches were considered as an essential part of clothing. It was a must have piece of jewelry and was not only to enhance the glamour of any apparel, but to fasten cloaks and tunics. Similarly, even jeweled belts were much in demand for their use to fasten clothes. These were designed by professional jewelers using gold, silver, precious rubies, pearls, cornelian stones, etc.

Importance of pearl jewelry

Pearls are classic, glamorous and it is indeed difficult to resist them. No matter what you are wearing, whether pearl earrings, necklace or bracelets, pearls are sure to enhance the elegance of your apparel.


There are many cultures which believe that pearls are essential to wear on the wedding day. In some cases, pearls are also passed on from one generation to another, which means they can represent a connection to the roots for the bride. Today pearls come in a wide range of colors, size and shape and thus are sure to suit each and every clothing item.

Besides, pearls today are not just for women. Jackets and denims studded with pearls give a funky look and are extremely in for men as well.


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