It is a fact that your family begins when you have your own baby. Having a baby is one of the greatest joys that a married couple experiences. Seeing your part of flesh and blood holding your finger brings you the happiness that cannot be matched with anything else in the world. A new member arriving in the family is not just the source of happiness to the parents but everyone around them. It is rightly said that no matter how happy you are you should accompany the emotions with actions. So if you are welcoming a baby in your family or a friend’s family an appropriate token of happiness for the new kid would be one of the most wonderful gestures. There are various such ideas lingering over the internet and one of the best ideas is the baby gift set basket. It is a combination and a holistic package containing everything that can show your love and happiness to the parents. Deciding on the color of the basket can be as simple as selecting blue or a darker color for a baby boy and selecting white or pink for a baby girl.  These packages contain everything right from flowers that reflect your happiness to towels and toys.

A teddy bear along with Flowers

Teddy Bear Gift
Teddy Bear Gift

A general package contains a teddy bear with a set of flowers to make it look full of positive vibes. The flowers are selected in a way that they don’t look too dark or bright but look cheerful enough to bring a smile on the face of the parents and the family. The teddy bear becomes the best friend of the baby as he/she grows up and the fur is soft and non-toxic, so that it will not harm the baby even if he playfully puts that in his mouth. Accompanying the flowers and the bear are also some wonderful gifts like soft towels for wiping the baby’s body and a dress. This entire package is packet up in a small box that holds everything together and makes the package easy to carry. The box used is very attractive with a lot of colors that make the entire package a wonderful and positive source of happiness.


Lately the act of customization has picked up a lot of speed. Hence, you can do a lot of customization on these packages as well. Replacing the box by a basket is one of the most common customization found. The contents of the package can also be customized. You can add up some small baby toys like the biting keys or some noise making cars. You can also add up a wide range of baby cosmetics like baby shampoo, moisturizer cream, powder and others in the package as per your wish. There are many such options, but you need to consider the situation and then gift accordingly.

Baby Food Products

Adding baby food products shows your concern about the baby’s nutrition. A common sighting in these baskets is the package of baby feeding utensils like the bowl with a cartoon character, spoons, sipper or a feeding bottle. It’s also seen that some people also add in some articles for parents in the baskets. Champion bottles, bags for the mother, a shirt for the father are some common sightings. These additions and customizations make the gift a complete package for the parents and the baby.

The gesture of giving gifts is important but showing them in a correct way is even more important. These baskets stand out unique as a great way of showing your happiness and love for the parents and the baby. Looking for flower gift fornew baby? Visit our gallery for inspiration. Or see our daily collection at here.


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