Candle making is an art whose history dates back at least 3,000 years. During ancient times candles were said to be made with tallow, a wax which was made from animal fat. Tallow made functional candles used to serve the purpose of light but it smelt very bad. In later years, for people residing near ocean areas whale oil became a popular source of candle making. In the middle ages, beeswax gained popularity for candle making, but it was not a successful idea. Beeswax was very hard to obtain. For its natural aromatic and burn features beeswax is still available today but is very expensive. The difficulties faced during its harvest makes it price go higher in the market.

Then came the time for other naturally aromatic candles which were made from bayberry. Bayberry candles gained popularity because of its natural aroma. Unlike tallow candle these candles are still made today. During the earlier times it was considered as an early Christmas gift. But again this was not a permanent solution as a wax because it was difficult to produce candles in huge quantity as so many berries were required to yield a very small amount of wax. People tried to find a solution which was cheap as well as served their purpose so now it was the time for candles made from paraffin wax. Although paraffin wax has many bad reviews but yet it is a popular choice of the candle makers. In the recent times it is the first choice for the manufacturers. Paraffin wax is made from oil by-products hence it emits certain toxins while burning which may be injurious to us. Paraffin candles are widely available in the market at different melting points.

Candles were once the source of light but now the use of candles is not limited to that. These days candles have become an important element for decoration and home enhancement. With the invention of light bulbs and other sources of light, candles have become more popular for the elegance they provide rather than just light. Recently a new wax called soy wax gained popularity in the market. Soy wax is made from soybean which is readily available. soy candles are famous for their higher melting point. It is mostly used to make pillar candles. These candles serve the decoration purpose as they last longer.

Just not radiance but soy candles are also scented. They create a different aroma according to their color and fragrance. Soy jars are very famous among buyers as it gives your place a new look when illuminated. These jars have special properties which make them heat resistant. With the increasing demand of scented candle soy tart melts have slowly gained popularity. These melts are specially created to emit fragrance in the melting process. Tarts are also used as a store or d├ęcor item. Soy tart melts come in different sizes and shapes but the purpose they serve is the same.

soy candles and soy jars are mostly used as luxury candles these days. With an increase in demand they have started coming up in different shapes, sizes and colors. You will get any color you can think of or any shape you are looking for. Soy candles are there for any occasion, all you need is to make a choice and you will get the candle you were looking for.


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