For a beginner, choosing the right electronic cigarette and getting into vaping can be a minefield. Unlike just 5 years ago, there is so much more choice on the market in terms of how you can vape.

To make your life easier, we’re going to cover all of the popular devices, some of which are suitable for beginners and some for the more advanced vaper. Read on to learn more.

The Ego Stick

Called as such due to its low profile, almost inconspicuous design, the ego device has always been a staple of the vaping scene. Easy to use and easy to transport was the mantra, and nothing has changed.

What you’re getting is a slimline tank and a matching slimline battery in a design and colour scheme of your choice. You will find that these tanks are only able to hold around 2ml of e juice, making carrying a bottle of juice around with you almost a necessity.

The ego vape pen is going to provide you with a tight mouth to lung draw, perfect for you former smokers.

The Clearomiser

This device is a step up from the ego pen and offers much more versatility and functionality. The tank itself functions much in the same way but usually provides a much better vape due to their larger size. Rather than designed for stealth, these are designed for performance.

Simply pick your clearomiser of choice which will come with its own suitable coils and then fill with your favourite e liquid. To really fine tune your vape, it is possible to pair any clearomiser with your battery or mod of choice. We would always recommend a variable voltage mod for maximum control.

The Sub Tank

These devices take the humble clearomiser one step further. What you’re getting is a much larger tank with a much larger coil. In addition, these coils are able to withstand much higher wattages, taking a 12w vape all the way up to 100 watts and more.

What you will need is a battery or mod powerful enough to run this kind of device, never attempt it with the sort of battery you would find paired with an ego pen.

  • The sub tank is designed for a powerful direct lung hit, where the vapour bypasses your mouth and enters directly into your lungs.
  • Definitely for long time smokers or advanced vapours.
  • Be very careful to moderate your nicotine usage, you need to use much lower amounts than you usually would as you’re inhaling so much more.
  • These tanks will throw out clouds of vapour, great if you want to be noticed.

Buy Your Electronic Cigarette

Due to their popularity, vaping accessories and e cigarettes can be purchased from several different retailers, both online and physical storefronts. E cigs have also come down in price over the years so are much more affordable than they use to be. We would suggest getting online and then seeing which companies serve your part of Australia.

Vaping has become a hobby in its own right, even for those who don’t smoke. If this sounds like you, you can even vape without nicotine.


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